How to Convert and Turn a Closet into an Office Space

All you need is a flathead screwdriver to get those hinges off. Just wiggle closet to office conversion the screwdriver around and all of them will come out smoothly.

convert closet to desk

You can test the waters with a simple setup like this! All they did was arrange a small floating desk and stool inside an existing closet, then hang a whiteboard on the wall. The closet still has its upper shelf and hanging rod, so if it doesn’t work out, the space can easily go back to storing clothes.

Put some drawers under the desk

Any time you turn a closet into an office, you’ll want to prioritize good lighting. With the right arrangements, closets can offer ample room, privacy, and an opportunity to create an inspiring workspace that’s uniquely yours. There should be no stones unturned while renovating your new Cloffice. Well, for a place like your closet, it’s hard not to feel cramped. According to experts, how you paint a room has a lot to do with your feelings.

I also moved them closer together and now they are the perfect place to store my paper crafting supplies. I built this entire thing (and painted the space) for only $40. It can be a quiet and cozy nook to work in and it can make a huge difference for you and for your home office work life.

The Reach-in Closet as an Extension of Your Home Office

If you use maple plywood I would recommend you choose something non-yellowing as well. Usually anything water-based will have this property. Maple is a very light wood, and yellowing stain just looks bad.

  • If you have an entire walk-in closet that you can convert to an office, you have a lot of options (and probably the envy of all your friends).
  • I wanted enough height between the desk and the first shelf for my computer monitor, and enough room above the upper shelf to fit the boxes I previously had in the closet.
  • Cut the bottom of the desk to accept a keyboard tray.
  • “​​We started by taking out the doors and hardware from the pre-existing closet and then patched, sanded, and painted the interior,” she tells AD.
  • You’ll probably find that the wall is far more curved than it appears!